Creation Studies: Different Science

Matthew 22:37
  1. Science is a way of knowing things
    1. While science can tell us a great deal about the world we live it, it cannot tell us everything. For example, if someone loves you.
  2. Naturalism is a belief system that contends that ‘nature’ is all there is.
    1. Scientists claim that evolution is a random, unguided process. But how can anyone use the scientific method to test that evolution is unguided and works at random? It cannot be done!
  3. Science begins by observation, examining the world and the way it works.
    1. Scientists form a hypothesis which is a testable solution to a problem.
    2. A theory is best defined as a set of related hypotheses that are bound together to describe a phenomenon. They provide a framework within which hypotheses can be generated. Theories cannot be proven.
    3. A law is a generalized statement and usually can be reduced to a math formula.
  4. Empirical sciences – Biology, chemistry, and physics.
  5. Historical sciences – Archeology, geology, forensics, and other disciplines that work to explain past events.
  6. Evolution and Creation are both models (or theories) to address historical questions..
  7. The evolution model is extremely vague.
  8. Consider the person’s heart who approaches questions of origins.
  9. We can make two competing hypotheses:
    1. Life came about as non-living chemicals came together and gave rise to the first living thing that evolved into everything else. (Evolution model)
    2. God made living things and called them to reproduce after their kind. (Creation model)



  1. Bill Nye claims that as a society, “we are not going to move forward, we will not embrace natural laws, we will not make discoveries, we will not invent and innovate and stay ahead” if people abandon science for creationism. Is this true? How would you respond?


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