The Atonement

Was it necessary for Christ to die?
Did Christ’s entire earthly life earn any saving benefits for us?
  • The atonement is the work Christ did in his life and death to earn our salvation.
  • The love and justice of God was the ultimate cause that led to Christ’s coming to earth and dying for our sins? – John 3:16, Romans 3:25-26
  • God did not have to save anyone – 2 Peter 2:4, Matthew 26:39, Luke 24:25-26
  • Christ’s obedience for us
  • Christ’s suffering for us
    • The pain of the Cross
      • Crucifixion – Mark 15:24
      • Pain of Bearing Sin
      • Abandonment
      • Bearing the Wrath of God
    • The death of Christ
      • The penalty was inflicted by God the Father – Romans 5:8
      • Not eternal suffering but complete payment
        • We would have to suffer eternally because we could never earn our own righteousness without righteous living.
        • It is finished – John 19:30
      • The Blood of Christ – 1 Peter 1:18-19
  • The four needs of sinners
    • We deserve to die as the penalty for sin.
    • We deserve to bear God’s wrath against sin.
    • We are separated from God by our sin.
    • We are in bondage to sin and to the kingdom of Satan.
  • The four needs are met
    • Sacrifice – Hebrews 9:26
    • Propitiation – 1 John 4:10
    • Reconciliation – 2 Corinthians 5:18-19
    • Redemption – Mark 10:45
  • Application
    • Was there anything in you that required God to love you or to take steps to save you before you were saved?
      • Does your answer to this question help you to appreciate the character of God’s love for you as a person who did not at all deserve that love?
      • How does that realization make you feel in your relationship to God?
    • Do you think that Christ’s sufferings were enough to pay for your sins?
      • Are you willing to rely on his work to pay for all your sins, or your work?
      • When he invites you, “Come to me…and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28), do you now trust him?
    • Read Romans 8:31-39.
      • If Christ bore all the guilt for our sins, all the wrath of God against sin, and all the penalty of the death that we deserved, then will God ever turn his wrath against you as a believer?
      • According to this passage, once you are saved, can you lose that salvation?
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